As part of the 7th Annual Capital Markets Summit, CCMC released data detailing how non-financials use the capital markets. We interviewed and surveyed more than 200 corporate treasurers and CFOs.


  •  Choice & Diversity Are Paramount: 95% of Main Street businesses surveyed use 5 or more financial services.
  • Choice + Diversity = Flexibility:  They use multiple institutions of different sizes to meet their needs. Among Main Street businesses that issue debt, 84% use global institutions, 34% use national institutions and 21% use a regional/ local bank.
  • Ineffective Regulations = Reduced Choices And Increased Costs: More Main Street businesses say Dodd-Frank is reducing choice, rather than creating more choice.
  • As A Result, Main Street Businesses Tend  To Favor Trends & Policies That Preserve Choice

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