Issue Summary

CCMC works to ensure businesses have access to diverse financial service providers helping to meet their credit, investment, risk management, and liquidity needs. Advance new proposals that increase access to the capital markets and push back against efforts that could limit access, including overly broad systemic risk regulations. This includes current efforts related to the following specific issues:

  • Structural Regulatory Reform
    • Presidential commission on financial regulatory restructuring
    • Federal Reserve regulatory reform
    • Securities and Exchange Commission reform
    • Financial Stability Oversight Commission reform
  • Tailored systemic risk regulation
    • Systemic designation process reform
    • Establish a designation off-ramp
    • Enhanced regulatory risk model reform
    • Living will transparency and tailoring
    • Cumulative impact study
  • Regulatory transparency
    • Financial Stability Board accountablity
    • International regulatory negotiation notice and disclosures
  • Regulatory economic analysis
  • Maximizing the benefits of regulation
  • Consolidated data requests
  • Derivatives regulation
  • Capital and liquidity standards


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