Date: December 11, 2014

Issue: Letter to Senate Offices in support for the passage of language important to end-users incorporated into S. 2244, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2014.

To: Hill

Filing Type: Hill

Description: The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2014 incorporates the
language of S.888/H.R. 634, the Business Risk Mitigation and Price Stabilization Act, which passed
the House of Representatives last year by a vote of 411-12. The language would not help financial
companies. It would not create any systemic risk. It would not reverse any regulatory policy. And
it would not create an exemption that Congress did not intend. In fact, it fulfills the commitments
made on the record to end-users by the committee chairs and sponsors of the Dodd-Frank Act at the
time of its passage. The end-user language simply would protect main street companies from
harmful and unnecessary margin requirements and preserve jobs.

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