Date: July 22, 2016

Issue: Incentive Compensation

To: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Mr. Robert deV. Frierson (Federal Reserve), Mr. Robert E. Feldman (FDIC), Mr. Brent J. Fields (SEC), Mr. Gerard S. Poliquin (NCUA), and Mr. Alfred M. Pollard (FHFA)

Filing Type: Regulatory

Description: The Chamber has serious concerns regarding the scope and application of the Reproposal. In our view the Reproposal will have significant consequences for the financial services industry because it fails to take into account the diversity of financial firms. It ultimately will harm the ability of non-financial businesses to access the resources needed to grow and operate a businesses. Additionally, we are extremely concerned with the disjointed comment period and failure of Federal Banking Agencies to provide commenters with an economic analysis necessary to review the Reproposal and provide informed commentary. 

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