Nearly a decade ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC) to ensure America was home to the most transparent, liquid, efficient, and well-regulated markets. The Chamber recognized that without strong markets the economy would suffer and job creators and individuals would lose access to capital, tools to manage risk, and opportunities to invest and save and that modern regulatory structures are the foundation for fair and efficient capital markets. The years since then have been turbulent—from the financial crisis and its legislative response to the increasingly polarized political environment—but the CCMC has continued to fight for American businesses to ensure that the capital markets provide them with the necessary foundation to drive economic growth and compete in a global economy. While some progress has been made to update and streamline our antiquated regulatory structure, the economic and policy instability of the past decade have made the CCMC’s work even more important for long-term economic growth. Recent attacks on financial institutions may be good politics, especially in an election year, but many are both misguided and wrong. This rhetoric will do nothing to ensure we have a financial regulatory system that works for investors, consumers, and job creators. While the world has changed, the CCMC’s mission remains the same: to advance America’s global leadership in capital formation by supporting diverse capital markets and rational regulatory systems that are the most fair, transparent, efficient, and innovative in the world. We will continue to fight for changes that will help create a regulatory system capable of both ensuring financial stability and advancing economic growth. Anything short of that will fail to meet the needs of businesses, investors, and consumers. The CCMC will advocate for reasonable reforms and communicate the value the financial sector provides to both individuals and companies. Policymakers have important choices ahead of them and we are committed to ensuring they make decisions that are driven by data, facts, and the desire to achieve the best outcome.