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Letter to the House Financial Services Committee in support of capital formation legislation (3/8/17)

Date: March 8, 2017

Issue: Capital formation

To: House Financial Services Committee

Filing Type: Letter

Description: The Chamber sent this letter tstrongly supporting several capital formation bills under consideration by the committee, including:

·         H.R. 1343 – Encouraging Employee Ownership Act

·         H.R. 910 – Fair Access to Investment Research Act of 2017

·         H.R. 1219 – Supporting America’s Innovators Act of 2017

·         H.R. 1312 – Small Business Capital Formation Enhance Act

·         H.R. 1257 –Securities and Exchange Commission Overpayment Credit Act

These bills would improve the ability of businesses to raise capital, contribute to stronger economic growth, and provide certainty for market participants.

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Letter to the SEC regarding the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (2/15/17)

Date: February 10, 2017

Issue: Initial public offerings (IPOs)

To: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Filing Type: Letter

Description: CCMC highlights the SEC regulatory challenges faced by public companies, and companies wanting to go public, as well as encourages the SEC to focus on its important mission to facilitate capital formation, helping more business access the capital markets.

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Letter to the FSB regarding climate-related financial disclosures (2/10/17)

Date: February 10, 2017

Issue: Corporate Disclosure

To: Financial Stability Board (FSB), Bank for International Settlements

Filing Type: Comment Letter

Description: CCMC is concerned with the FSB's report, Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, which asserts, on page 35 and elsewhere, that companies should be required to provide climate-related disclosures in their “mainstream (i.e., public) financial filings” because doing so “will ensure that appropriate controls govern the production and disclosure of the required information.” This is not, and has never been, the standard for disclosure under the federal securities laws. No matter the topic or the merit of any proposed disclosure’s objective, the Supreme Court’s traditional materiality standard should be the benchmark as the SEC, and other policymakers in the U.S. consider whether to impose new disclosure obligations on reporting companies.

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Letter to the House of Representatives supporting the “SEC Regulatory Accountability Act” and “Helping Angels Lead Our Startups (HALOS) Act” (1/10/17)

Date: January 10, 2017

Issue: Regulatory reform; Capital formation

To: House of Representatives

Filing Type: Letter to Congress

Description: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports H.R. 78, the “SEC Regulatory Accountability Act,” and H.R. 79, the “Helping Angels Lead Our Startups Act.” Taken together, these bills would hold the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its rulemaking process more accountable to the American public, and allow angel investors to continue to play an important role in the economy.

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Coalition letter to the SEC regarding universal proxy proposal (1/9/17)

Date: January 9, 2017

Issue: Corporate Governance

To: Securities and Exchange Commission

Filing Type: Coalition Comment Letter

Description: The letter from the Corporate Governance Coalition for Investor Value urges the SEC to abandon its universal proxy proposal, citing fatal flaws and unintended consequences.

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