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The story of how regulations have hindered banks’ ability to lend the capital Main Street businesses need to start and grow, and thereby hurting economic growth and job creation across the country.

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The CFPB Moves to Punish Responsible Credit Card Users

Washington, D.C. — Bill Hulse, vice president of the U.S. Chamber’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness issued the following statement today regarding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rule amending credit card issuers’ late fee regulations. “Today’s actions by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau flatly ignore the Congressional and regulatory history regarding the establishment of regulations surrounding… Read more about The CFPB Moves to Punish Responsible Credit Card Users

U.S. Chamber Responds to NTIA Report on Mobile Application Market

U.S. Chamber statement in response to the release of a new National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) report on the mobile application store ecosystem. Read More

What Does the FTC Want to Ban Next?

The Federal Trade Commission’s most-recent actions to ban non-compete agreements oversteps its statutory authority under the FTC Act. If they are allowed to write this rule, here’s what might come next. Read More

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