The Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness’s (CCMC) mission is to advance America’s global leadership in capital formation by supporting diverse capital markets that are the most fair, transparent, efficient, and innovative in the world.  CCMC advocates on behalf of American businesses to ensure that legislation and regulation strengthen our capital markets allowing businesses—from the local flower shop to a multinational manufacturer—to mitigate risks, manage liquidity, access credit, and raise capital.

Our Goals

CCMC’s work is focused on achieving the following goals important to our capital markets:

  1. Modern Regulatory Systems and Reasonable Systemic Risk Regulation:  Ensure businesses have access to diverse financial service providers helping to meet their credit, investment, risk management, and liquidity needs. Advance new proposals that increase access to the capital markets and push back against efforts that could limit access, including overly broad systemic risk regulations.
  2. Effective Corporate Governance Policies:  Fight for responsible corporate governance polices that benefit the long-term position of companies and shareholders and oppose special interest activist agendas unrelated to the interests of a business or investors.
  3. Investor Protection and Opportunity:  Work to make it easier for Americans to save and invest for their future by enhancing their access to investment options and advice while ensuring strong protections are in place.
  4. Consumer Credit and Choice:  Advocate for consumer protection and expanded access to responsible credit choices.
  5. Modern Financial Reporting:  Work for transparent financial reporting and disclosure policies to support capital formation.
  6. Business Creation and Growth: Encourage policies that promote new business creation while facilitating the growth of existing businesses.

Explore CCMC’s 2017 Agenda, Restarting the Growth Engine: A Plan to Reform America’s Capital Markets



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